Introducing a Faster Way to Checkout with WooCommerce

Easily decrease the time it takes to complete a purchase in WooCommerce by providing faster options to checkout. Reduce abandoned carts and increase sales with Quick Checkout.

Fewer Clicks + No Page Reload = More Sales

Streamline the WooCommerce checkout process.

Display a WooCommerce Checkout Anywhere

The default checkout process in WooCommerce can often be slow and tedious. The number of clicks and redirects can lead to higher than expected abandoned cart rates. With Quick Checkout your users can checkout directly on page without any unnecessary redirect or clicks.

Enhance Shop and Product Pages

Add value to your website's shopping experience with faster options to checkout on your product and shop pages. Full support for all product types and enhanced with shortcode support.

Fully Customizable Plugin Display Options

Total control over how Quick Checkout is presented to the user on your website. Select whether you want to display within a lightweight and responsive lightbox or reveal it on page. Activate globally or per product. It’s totally flexible.

All Payment Gateway Extensions Supported

Quick Checkout is compatible with all WooCommerce payment gateway extensions. No need to purchase any extra extension or add-on. It just works.

WooCommerce 2.1+ Compatible

This plugin is fully tested and compatible with all WooCommerce versions 2.1+. Don't worry about support either, we've got you covered. All licenses come with 1 year of support and updates.

Compatible with Woo's Gravity Forms Extension

You asked for it and we delivered. Quick Checkout is now fully compatible with the Gravity Forms extension for WooCommerce. Preview how it works here.

Integrate Into Any Theme with Ease

If your theme is WooCommerce compatible this plugin will work like a charm with nearly zero overhead. All plugin features are fully documented and backed by responsive support based in the USA.

Great for Landing Pages

Use the power of WooCommerce and Quick Checkout to add checkout forms directly on your landing pages. No more unnecessary redirects or clicks.

Shortcode Enabled

Add links and buttons to open checkout to your website header or sidebar and more. The shortcodes included make adding checkout screens a breeze.

Actively Developed and Supported

We stand by our work. If for any reason you need help please feel free to reach out. All active license holders are provided support for the lifetime of their license.

Lightweight and Fast

Quick Checkout is minified and packaged using Grunt to ensure near zero impact to your site's page load speed. It only uses one tiny JavaScript and CSS file.